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We are excited to offer all $EGLD holders the MultiversX Trending experience. This brings together the most sought-after and beneficial products from Web3 in a single channel, catering to both seasoned and novice users alike.We invite you to explore the following features:

Trending by Volume: Discover the hottest trends.
New Pairs, Initial LP, Add/Remove LP, Swap Details: Get up-to-date information on token ownership, LP percentage, pair smart contracts, and more, on platforms like @OneDex_X and @xExchangeApp , with updates as fast as 6 seconds.

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The Team


Social media Content Lead

Strategically minded and creative social media expert eager to contribute to the decentralized NFT infrastructure within the web3 community

Dan Petre

Business Development Manager

BidXbot is a strong brand with a good reputation and over time we have developed a unique bot. We try to offer our customers the best conditions. We are also big tech enthusiasts, with a keen interest in developing exciting new technology that further increases trust in our brand 🤓



Cyber security engineer focused on API integration, scripting and security. Masters degree in engineering.


Lead Designer

illustrator and graphic designer from MultiversX, over 25k followers on social media platforms.

Melega Rolf

Community Admin

The Remote Administrative Support Specialist plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient running of our web3 project by managing a wide range of administrative tasks


UI/UX Designer

The things he likes most about creating is communicating with the viewers and holding their interest.


Marketing Leader

Leads the marketing team and is the supervisor of social media and project admins

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